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New Patients

Standing Tall Chiropractic in Glendale is a casual, fun place to be. We want you to laugh at least a few times at each of your visits with us. It’s our hope that you enjoy yourself in our open environment. You can chat with other patients or sit quietly and relax. Children are always welcome and have their own play area.

The First Day

Reception desk at Standing Tall ChiropracticYou’ll sit down with Dr. Dale to discuss what’s brought you in, your concerns, health history and goals. Next, we’ll complete a thorough examination that includes

  • Palpation of the spine
  • Testing to determine nerve system function
  • Muscle testing
  • Motion study digital X-rays

We ask that you bring in the necessary paperwork filled out, which can be found on our website. The duration of this appointment is about 30-45 minutes.
Online Forms

Following Up

We’ll welcome you back within a day or two of your initial visit to go through all findings. You’ll receive Dr. Dale’s recommendation and get started with care. Your regular appointments involve chiropractic adjustments and additional therapies such as mechanical massage, exercises, neuromuscular re-education and working with our trainer.

Exercise room at Standing Tall Chiropractic

Your Health Care, Your Choice

When we begin your care, we want to get you feeling better immediately. Our initial goal is to get you stabilized, which can take a few months. After this initial phase of your care, we’ll re-evaluate your health by taking X-rays and doing testing, ensuring that we have objective measurements on how well you responded to your care.

If you feel you can continue to get better or want to maintain your progress, you can see us for regular visits thereafter.

It’s your spine, and you can choose to stop at any time, but with the stresses of modern society, know that it’s possible that your health will revert to where it was previously.

Learning More to Benefit Your Healing

Dr. Dale has developed an extensive and efficient educational program for every new patient.

With iPad videos that last just 1-2 minutes, you’ll learn something new at every visit. We want to make sure that you know the truth about health based on the most advanced science and research available combined with Dr. Dale’s many years of experience. You’ll learn key points about nutrition, exercise, core strength and neurology to support your healing process.

You can also attend the many different health talks and fun events that we hold for our regular patients.

Contact us today to schedule your time at our practice! We offer a new patient special for $47 that includes the initial examination and digital X-rays for most new patients.

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