Can't believe 👀 has replaced 🍆 for horniest emoji

me rushing from one distraction to another so I don't have to be alone with my thoughts or improve myself in any way

Reply Guy My Wife!, the new hilarious gameshow. When a wife comes up on the screen, type in a message against the clock to win that wife. But be warned, players can try to steal in a later round. Can you make it through to our final and win the hottest wife of all?

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anyways men are stupid emotionally stunted children and i have nothing to say! youre too good for scott send toot

please doctor, you MUST inspect my bussy!

i suspect the aliens

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aliens are just grey perverts that come from the sky

im watching an adam sandler movie. you can ask me anything except what movie it is specifically.

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this is for kitty mom gfs only. scram.