Rhooooo....so unkind of you.
Thanks for the good laugh😂

@witchy this is a pretty good simulation of how easy it is to decompile C#, though

The "let me just interject" gang is back in town.

@witchy @xeno i want to be salty at you stereotyping pleroma users but then id just be perpetuating the stereotype

and i also cant tell if this is bait lol

@nik @xeno though fwiw i do thing pleroma users >> foss reply guy nerds on mastodon.social

@witchy @xeno i think your post made me have nam flashbacks to endlessly arguing with @anna about bleroma back in january

@nik @xeno @anna anna is also a more trained internet troll than i am, 10+ more years experience.

@anna @xeno @witchy water under the bridge now but i remember typing out a long ass post and u responding with "lol no still nazis" and me breaking down 🙃

but in you defense i had just started hrt so i would break down if you looked at me funny

@xeno @witchy @nik nobody escapes meltdown may, you certainly didnt. i didnt even :biblethump:

@anna @nik @witchy i still dk what meltdown may is, that was about january anyway

@nik @xeno @anna tbf my gf has been on it a year and still cries if i look at her funny

@witchy @anna @xeno i mean me too kinda

at least im not crying literally 24/7
@wolfcoder @anna @xeno @witchy it annoys the everliving crap out of me though, because it has personal tie in

it's really really fun having my connections with friends complicate because someone deems me a nazi, you know?
@wolfcoder @anna @witchy @xeno hell someone tried to stop my now girlfriend from meeting me because they were convinced i was a fascist (without any backing, it was just a "feel")

@nik @witchy @xeno @wolfcoder
yeah like i was wrong about pleroma and im sorry for being a jerk during Those Times but also like god damn there's some fucking obnoxious-ass fashy anime avatars on the Very Pleroma pleroma instances. while pleroma doesnt deserve its bad reputation, there's definitely some social circles of people very into pleroma that are... lets put it nicely, "questionable"

@anna @wolfcoder @xeno @witchy ye it's just, pleroma is easier to run so shitheads end up on it instead of mastodon, simple as that lol
@nik @anna @witchy @wolfcoder its not as simple as that, the culture and connotations snowballed. like id die for pleroma but also fuck nearly everyone on here
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@nik @witchy @xeno @anna I'm still giggling at the "Pleroma is catered toward intellectuals" comment

@wolfcoder @anna @witchy @nik do you have that saved or something, i never saw that
@anna @wolfcoder @nik @witchy smh whats up with that sum person, i see their posts often and sometimes theyre not bad. is all of this ironic. i cant get a read on them at all
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@nik @witchy @xeno @anna I got a wolf nazi druid to stop larping and just rage in all caps then run off with it.

@anna @nik @xeno @wolfcoder anna and i have the position of hardlining against nazis and nazi sympathizers because it does have material impact, at least in my experience.

@anna @nik @xeno @wolfcoder when you are confronted by losing your friends and even family over your views, there comes a point in time where a lot ofpeople are forced to drag that mirror to themselves

@witchy @anna @wolfcoder @xeno i had someone defederate from my instance the other day because i argued with a transphobe rather than blocking them :HolyFuck:

@nik @witchy @xeno @anna people defederate witches live all the time you can't really help stuff like that

@nik @xeno @anna @wolfcoder those who take a centrist point of view and dont acknowledge that they are a life risk to people like me and my loved ones

@witchy @wolfcoder @anna @xeno kinda off topic question, does interacting with bad people to try to change their minds harmful? (it's the reason i refuse to instance block anyone here, because im a firm believer that isolating harmful views allows them to simmer together and go to extremes)

@nik @xeno @anna @wolfcoder I dont believe so, which is why I generally only block harassers.

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