someone really in the lord's year of 2019 said that baiting foss nerds is the same as slaughter.
do yall like, ever go outside? maybe read a history book?

@pbandkate jasper is replying to a post misgendering me and calling me a thot which is the cherry on top

@witchy wOW i hate this god imagine thinking you're oppressed for liking open source software IMAGINE

@pbandkate not even, oppressed for taking the most obvious bait as if i dont know it's not open source because you view the website's html lmao

@witchy @pbandkate well i didn't notice him using the wrong pronoun, and to be frank, i don't think i should be expected too notice it, and that you're just using it to ineffectually bully.

I also don't get it, i was pretty clear, in your very screenshot that i was using a very extreme example.

I also think you underestimate the importance of open source. These days, software pretty much facilitates everything, and we need alternatives to exist.

[..i'll continue..]

@jasper @pbandkate lmao you're still assuming idk what open source actually is. take the L. my step dad works in computer programming and this is literally his living and he teaches me.
also you did see him call me a thot so that's ok?

@jasper @witchy please, PLEASE, I’m literally begging you, do not, under any circumstances, continue

@pbandkate @witchy that earlier toots had a lot of toots&favorites, seems a good chance to promote some good news sources.

@witchy @pbandkate [continued] for the record, i have wasted most of my day reading news, like Stallmans list i linked too, but you presumable did not look mostly not about libre software.

For instance TheIntercepts new cache of info on the corrupt trial of Lula and others in Brazil frustration at not locking up war criminals and a MEK fake persona(he alledges he uses an alias, but why not just say it is an alias earlier)

@jasper @witchy jasper, buddy, pal, my dude, I’m gunna give you some advice here, and I sincerely hope you take it: shut the fuck up

@jasper @witchy fine but can you not shut the fuck up in someone else’s mentions then? thank’s

@pbandkate @witchy @jasper Whoa, what the hell, just read this thread. Is like, this a real thing? I've always loved me some free software (and writing it), but FFS. Fossboys, oppressed my ass. They are mostly middle aged white dudes who are quite well off. If you wanna see actual oppression, go take a look at Americas poor working class.

@bort @witchy @pbandkate yeah why doesn't he like care about the same guy that tried to keep the El Mozote massacre in El Salvador quiet being Venezuela envoy now. The bastard!

@witchy @pbandkate For the cost of one cup of coffee a month you too can help prevent the slaughter of Foss boys in people's menchies. [In the arms of an angel starts playing]

@witchy is that why they're always talking about de-baiting?

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